Move and Save – a good walk could do both!

In early January, I posted a call for “no resolutions” and revealed my
personal tendency to choose themes or slogans instead of individual goals.
Of course, individual goals can support a broader mission but I like to keep
focused on the broader mission.  Choosing a theme for the year increases my
awareness and my daily commitment.  This year, my slogan is “Move and Save”.
The article I am sharing below plays to both those mindsets.

I have heard it said “What you don’t know can’t hurt you”.  This New York Times 
article makes clear that learning about the benefits of exercise can save you – both physically and financially.

I have learned first-hand is that exercise is its own reward.  Time that I
have devoted to moving or working my body has been returned to me in the
form of better focus and increased productivity.  It is like no time was
“spent” at all.  Those benefits along with the other obvious benefits –
weight control, improved blood composition, more energy and strength are
just the beginning.  If you want to live a long life of the highest possible
quality, join me in making exercise a daily ritual.

In future posts this year, I will share the tools I am using to “Move and
Save”.  I wish you all well on your own personal journeys.  I am also interested in any tools you have found useful.


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